Quilt Events

With COVID restrictions in place, many Quilt Guilds have developed alternative formats to continue with their activities. Check out these links and discover a new world of quilting and quilters.

Quilt Events 2022

Henny’s Mini’s May 20 – June 24 in store at The Quilt Place

“Making Memories” Quilt Show, May 27 & 28 by the New Millennium Quilters’ Guild Mildmay, ON https://newmillenniumquiltersguild.wordpress.com/

“Quilts in Bloom” 2022, June 3 & 4 by Hamilton Quilters’ Guild, Ancaster Fairgrounds, Jerseyville, ON www.hamiltonquiltguild.ca

Quilt Canada 2022  June 15 – 18, 2022

International Quilting Day Saturday March 19, 2022

Registration information can be found at https://rcqg.square.site/

Program information is located here:


Quilt Canada 2022  June 15 – 18, 2022

Canadian Quilters’ Association     https://canadianquilter.com/

Waterloo County Quilters’ Guild   https://www.wcquiltersguild.on.ca/

Oxford County Quilters’ Guild   https://www.oxfordquiltersguild.org/

Brant Heritage Quilters Guild   https://www.brantheritagequiltersguild.com/

Royal City Quilters’ Guild   https://royalcityquiltersguild.ca/

Mississauga Quilters Guild    https://www.mississaugaquiltersguild.ca/

The Grand Quilt Guild   https://grandquiltguild.ca/

Region of York Quilters Guild   http://www.regionofyorkquiltersguild.ca/

Huron Perth Quilters’ Guild   https://www.huronperthquilters.com/p/home.html

Stonetowne Quilters’ Guild   https://www.stonetownequiltersguild.com/p/home.html


More information on guilds, shops and quilting activities can be found at Canadian Quilters Association https://canadianquilter.com/community/

Quilting Hub https://www.quiltinghub.com/