Join us for our annual Mystery Mailout Quilt project – ‘A Century of Stitching’

This year’s quilt top uses a traditional Block but with a twist – you select the century you want to stitch.
19th Century – “Civil War” Replica Prints
20th Century – 1930’s Feedsack Prints
21st Century – Today’s Modern Prints

There are 3 sizes to choose from:
1)   Lap        46” x 58”      $ 85.00 (+ postage & HST)
2)  Twin        66” x 90”      $152.00 (+ postage & HST)
3)  Queen    90” x 108”     $198.00 (+ postage & HST)

Sign up by June 1
All fabrics and the first set of instructions will be sent out mid-June.
The four remaining sets of instructions will be sent out monthly – July through October.

Save the postage!
Pick up your fabric in store mid-June
and have the instructions e-mailed to you